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Trade union representative

Being a trade union representative is an important mission that gives you the opportunity to influence your workplace. You are an important part of the work to create good working conditions for professional scientists.

In Sweden, the trade unions play a unique and important role in regulating working conditions. Collective agreements are negotiated by both trade unions and employers' organizations that complement legislation. This is called the Swedish model.

The local trade union at the workplaces is the foundation of the Swedish model. As a local trade union representative, you represent the members at your workplace and are the face of Naturvetarna, and sometimes other Saco unions.

In short, being a trade union representative means that you:

  • Represent the members' interests and can influence the working conditions at your workplace
  • Negotiate and cooperate with the employer
  • Support members in issues with the employer
  • Recruit new members to Naturvetarna or other trade unions for academics


Do you want to become a trade union representative?

If you want to be a trade union representative, you can get involved in your local association. In order to be a trade union representative, you must be elected to the local association's board.

If you don’t have a local association, you can start one. The prerequisite is that there is a collective agreement at your workplace and that there are at least three of you on the board.

Contact our Membership Helpline for more information about how to start a local association.


Your rights as a trade union representative

As an elected trade union representative, you have the right to work with trade union issues during paid working hours. You are also entitled to trade union education and compensation if you do not have time to perform the tasks during regular working hours. This is regulated in the Trade Union Representatives (Status at the Workplace) Act.

The Act applies when the employer has a collective agreement and your assignment has been notified to the employer. You must also notify Naturvetarna that you are a trade union representative.

Contact our Membership Helpline for advice and support in your assignment as a trade union representative.

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