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"To be a representative is an honourable and important mission"




For municipal biologist Johanna Martinell, being elected as a delegate to Naturvetarna's congress and being able to contribute to the development of the association was an honour."The opening lecture by Svante Axelsson, from Fossilfritt Sverige, was very interesting. Equally rewarding was the opportunity to meet other natural scientists."

“I appreciated the efficient digital committee work beforehand. It proved to be a valuable preparatory step, allowing us to delve into the important issues awaiting discussion at the congress.”

Salaries a matter of the heart

One of her key issues is that employers and society should value the competence of natural scientists and what they can contribute to sustainable societal development.

"It is pleasing that those of us working on environmental issues in Örnsköldsvik municipality have been rewarded in recent years."
Sharpening Naturvetarna's service to its members was a result of the previous congress.

"It feels great. Naturvetarna is here for us members, and I have called for better member engagement and enhanced networking opportunities within the association.”

Calling for networks

Johanna Martinell represented the members in the northern constituency at the congress. As a workplace representative for Naturvetarna and chairman of the Saco council in the municipality, she is used to having communication channels for the members she represents.

"However, representing an entire constituency presents its challenges. I would have welcomed a network of union colleagues across various workplaces to effectively address emerging issues.

Within Naturvetarna, the question has been raised about restructuring constituencies based on industry and profession rather than geographical location.

"But I cannot influence that question at the upcoming congress since I now have a role as a deputy auditor."

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