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Our unemployment insurance fund Akademikernas a-kassa (AEA) offers members the opportunity to receive payments based on their income. To be a member of Akademikernas a-kassa is also necessary to be eligable for the complementary income insurence.

Benefit rates from a-kassan is based on your previous income at a maximum of SEK 1200 per day before tax the first 100 days (until the end of 2022).

Become a member 

Membership of Akademikernas a-kassa is not included in your membership of Naturvetarna, and application must be made separately at Akademikernas a-kassa www.aea.se/apply. The fee is 130 SEK per month. 

Please note that it is necessary to be a member of Akademikernas a-kassa to be eligable for the complementary income insurence that is included in the membership fee to Naturvetarna.


In order to qualify for unemployment benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa you need to be available on the Swedish job market. Much of this information can be found on www.aea.se.

The basic requirements are the following;

  • Be registered at arbetsförmedlingen. This is very important to do on your first day of unemployment.
  • Fulfill the work requirement, in other words have worked a minimum of 80 hours per month for 6 months.
  • Have been a member of an a-kassa for at least 12 months.
  • Are you actively looking for work?
  • Are you willing and able to work at least 17 hours a week?
  • Are you prepared to accept all suitable employment?

If you do not have a work permit in Sweden or if your permit is linked to one single employer you may not be considered to be available on the job market and you may not qualify for unemployment benefits from Akademikernas a-kassa. For more information on these matters you need to contact Akademikernas a-kassa directly.

If you receive a postdoctoral scholarship this counts as studies and time can be skipped in the unemployment insurance fund Akademikernas a-kassa. Note that not more than 5 years can be skipped when Akademikernas a-kassa will determine if you meet the work requirement. This means that if you have had a job that you have paid tax on the past, you can get your time as a postdoc calculated as skippable. If you would have a salary during your time as a postdoc, this counts as work and the time cannot be skipped. Working abroad can be credited to qualify for the work requirement, if you have been employed in an EU / EES country. Work outside the EU / EES area may not be counted, and the time may not be skipped. If you have questions about this, you need to contact AEA directly. More information about conditions for PhD at Akademikernas a-kassa's website. 

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