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Do you have suggestions on what Naturvetarna should work on?


Write a motion for the congress 2024! 

Do you have suggestions on what Naturvetarna should work on in the coming three years? If so, consider drafting a motion. The opportunity to write formal proposals, known as motions, is an important part of the democratic process. Your ideas and thoughts, along with those of your colleagues, can be translated into motions. In this way, you can influence what your union works on and how we can best support you as a member. It also allows Naturvetarna to develop and improve, to the benefit of our 35,000 members.

  • One issue, one motion. If you have several proposals on what you want to influence, you write several motions.

  • Write a summary headline for your motion.

  • Be concise and clear about what the problem/background is. What is the reason for this motion to be raised? Describe what you want to change and provide suggestions for action and solution. What would it entail if your motion is passed?

  • The motions must include decision points, so called propositions for the congress to consider. Therefore, be careful to formulate your proposal for decision as “ I propose: that Naturvetarna should..”. A motion can have several propositions within the same area. The most important part of a motion is the “that-proposition”. It is the actual proposal that is voted on. The congress should be able to say yes or no to the proposition.

Email kongress@naturvetarna.se if you have questions or need help.

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The deadline for submitting a motion is August 15th.


What happens when you submit the motion? 


The motion is received. 

When you submit the motion via the form, it is forwarded to the board, which begins to prepare it for the proceedings.  

Note! Upon submitting the motion via the form, you will receive a confirmation.  

The board prepares a response to the motion 

In case of any clarifications or questions, the board may contact those who submitted the motion. 

The motion is included in the proceedings 

On October 21st, the congress documents become available in the congress system. There, all motions that have been submitted are listed, along with responses from the board regarding what they propose the congress to vote on. The board may propose either approval (all to vote yes) or rejection (to vote no) of the motion. The board may also consider the motion answered if what is addressed in the motion is already being done or is in progress. The congress delegates make decisions on the proposals. 

The congress opens and the delegates votes on the motion 

Before the congress opens, delegates have had the opportunity to discuss the motion at an impact forum and in digital committees. When the congress opens, it's time to vote. All congress delegates have the right to vote, and they choose to either approve (vote yes) or reject (vote no) the motion. 

The motion is approved or rejected 

After the congress, the board begins its work to plan activities for the mandate period based, in part, on the motions that were approved. 

Motions for the 2024 Congress

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