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About Naturvetarna

Natural scientists create the future of the world. Our 35,000 members find solutions to society's challenges and develop tomorrow's innovations.

Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, is the trade union for Sweden's professional scientists. We know their skills and labor market best. Therefore, we can offer service and tools so that our members develop and are secure throughout their working lives and careers.

We negotiate secure and flexible collective agreements that provide greater opportunities to influence individual working conditions and wages. Members therefore contribute to a sustainable working life.

We also work to ensure that the competence of natural scientists has the status it deserves. That is why we work daily with influence and societal development.

Our members are present in all sectors of the labor market. They are active in:

  • Life science
  • Cleantech (environmental technology)
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary care
  • University and college
  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Environment and nature conservation
  • Food and nutrition
  • Community building
  • IT and statistics

Naturvetarna do not represent any political party and are a trade union within Saco, Sweden's central organization for academics.

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