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Method of payment

You can choose to pay your invoice via direct debit (autogiro) or e-invoice (e-faktura). If you don't make a choice, you will recieve a standard printed invoice sent via the Swedish Post. 

To choose direct debit or e-invoice:

  • Log in to your internet bank
  • Selects connect direct debit or e-invoice. Company name must be Naturvetarna. Note that there are different bank giro numbers on the paper invoice and direct debit.

If you do not connect to direct debit or e-invoice yourself, we will send you a paper invoice.

Choosing direct debit or e-invoice is better for the environment than paper invoices. As a step in the Natural Scientists' environmental management system MILLE, we therefore urge as many as possible to choose one of these alternatives!

Already sent out paper notices must be paid as usual. Then you can sign up to pay the membership fee via e-invoice or direct debit in the future.

If you no longer want an e-invoice or direct debit, you can unsubscribe from your internet bank. Then you will instead receive a paper invoice the next time.

If you currently pay by direct debit and want to switch to e-invoice, you must terminate your consent to direct debit. You do this by contacting your bank.

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