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Application for reduced fees

You may apply for a reduced membership fee if you have a gross income below SEK 20 000 per month. Use the electronic form below. 

Your income determines whether you will be granted a reduced fee. Income refers to the sum of gross wages, benefits from social security, unemployment insurance funds, income insurance and job security agreements. This means, for example, that if you are on parental leave, on sick leave or unemployed you may pay a reduced fee. Scholarships, student grants, pensions and children's and housing allowances are not counted as income.

If you already have reduced fees and wish to extend the period, please apply again using the form below.

Please note that:

  • If your gross income changes to more than SEK 20 000, you are required to notify the Membership Helpline.
  • If you only receive the maximum daily allowance of SEK 1 200/day (earlier SEK 910/day) from the unemployment insurance fund, your gross income is SEK 20 020 per month. This means that you are not entitled to a reduced fee. After one hundred days, the daily allowance is reduced to SEK 1000/day (earlier SEK 760/day) and your gross income is SEK 16 720, which means that you can apply for a reduced fee.
  • If you are retired or if you are on an undergraduate or doctoral programme, the fees are not based on income. See what fees apply.
  • If you are professionally active and have an ordinary membership, you cannot switch to student membership if you begin studying. The exception is if you are completing your science qualifications.
  • You cannot apply for reduced fees retroactively.

Apply for a reduced fee

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