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The coronavirus and covid-19

At Naturvetarna, we are closely monitoring information about covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Below you will find some questions and answers on the subject.


We also follow the recommendations of the relevant authorities. The risk assessment made by the Public Health Authority is an assessment of the current situation. We recommend that you keep up to date with information from Folkhälsomyndigheten (The Public Health Agency), Försäkringskassan, Arbetsmiljöverket (The Swedish Work Environment Authority) and Utrikesdepartementet, UD (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).

Questions and answers

Can an employer suspend me from work without pay if I have been to a country where the infection has been reported?

There may be differences in how an employer is allowed to deal with the situation, depending on which labour market sector you work in.

If you work in the public sector, for example, your collective agreement (Villkorsavtal-T) entitles you to full pay as an infection carriers or suspected infection carrier. Please note that a medical certificate is required.

If you are employed by a municipality or region, the employer also has the right to decide that you should stay at home to prevent spread of infection. In this case, you will then retain your salary.

For the private sector, the rules are not the same, partly because there are no collective agreements at some workplaces and partly because this matter is not regulated in all collective agreements. If a private employer orders you to stay home, the basic rule is that you are to continue to receive your salary.

If I work at home, how does it affect my insurance protection?

Unlike work in the workplace, any accident must be directly linked to the work you are to perform. This means that if you have been injured, this must have occurred in the course of performing your normal duties if the insurance is to be applicable.

If I have a booked vacation to an affected area, can the employer prevent me from going there?

The main rule is that the employer does not have the right to decide what you do in your spare time. If you go on a trip to an affected area and the employer does not want you to come to work after returning home, the basic rule is that you will be paid if you have to stay at home.

When do I have the right to disease carrier allowance?

If a doctor has decided that you are not allowed to work because you are or may be infected with a dangerous disease, you are entitled to disease carrier allowance. You apply for this at Försäkringskassan, the Social Insurance Agency, and you must be able to support the application with a medical certificate.

What should I do if I get sickness symptoms?

Contact the health support telephone service via 1177 and report to the hospital according to the routines that apply to your employer.