Frågor & svar

Researcher 2013-06-19

“Our Postdocs are one of our most important groups in the research. Those we cherish.” The reality, sorry to say, negates this statement. If you reality cherish them you should improve their working condition and help them along their career development. What do we call the recent new rule that one can hold a postdoc up to 7 years after her/his PhD defense?! Isn't that a prolongation of the exploitation of this poor class of skilful employees/students? It is a cheap labour with high research competencies but without much commitment from KI/group leaders as compared to PhD students. KI should not rely on its name as it is overwhelmingly influenced by the world’s cream of Postdoc researchers. For the short term it might work, KI can get rid of those unhappy postodcs and recruit fresh system-unaware postdocs and the wheel will continue to spin but this will negatively affect KI in the long term. By the way I am on a full salary but I fought to get it because the default is the stipend :)