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Närbild på person som sitter med sin laptop. Uppe till vänster är porträttbilder på Alison Sjöström och Marita Teräs.

LinkedIn for Phds: How to use it to build a non-academic career

  • Startar: 2022-11-11 13:00
  • Slutar: 2022-11-11 14:00
  • Plats: Digital
  • Lokal:

Alison Sjöström from Verto Konsult will cover how you can utilise and benefit from LinkedIn as a strong career tool no matter where you are within your career development.

She will demonstrate how to transfer your skills to non-academic environments, network, find jobs or work with the development of your skills through LinkedIn.

Marita Teräs from the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists will introduce the speaker and give a short introduction about the advantages of joining the union.

To all of you who want a copy of the Alison Sjöström’s presentation from the session click here