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Manage your membership

Members can log in to our website to see their registered data and change or add information if and when necessary.

At our Membership pages you can get an overview of your membership in Naturvetarna. You need BankID to access the Membership pages. 

Log in to access Mitt medlemskap (Membership pages)

Our membership pages are in Swedish, but here is a brief outline of what you see and change:

Mina uppgifter

Here you can see and change your address, telephone number and e-mail address. It also shows your membership number, your membership fee to Naturvetarna and perhaps a profession-specific association and your method of payment.

Log in to access Mina uppgifter


Here you can change your current occupation and employer.

If you wish to notify us in advance, for example regarding planned studies, parental leave or a new workplace, please use our notification form.

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Please note: 

  • If you are professionally active and have ordinary membership, you cannot switch to student membership if you begin studying. The exception is if you are completing your scientific qualification.
  • If you change your employment category, your membership fee may also change. Read more about our membership fees and payment options.
  • If you have a gross income below SEK 20 000, you may apply for reduced fees.


Here you can see information about your education/qualifications. You can add a higher academic qualification and additional qualifications.

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Any questions? Feel free to contact our Membership Administration.

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