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Method of payment

You can choose to pay you invoice via direct debit (autogiro) or e-invoice (e-faktura). If you don't make a choice, you will recieve a standard printed invoice sent via the Swedish Post. 

You apply to pay via direct debit (autogiro) e-invoice (e-faktura) at your bank online. 

The payment notice which you have already received, are to be used and paid as usual. 

If you do not wish to continue paying via e-invoice or direct debit you can unsubscribe to that payment service through your online bank.

If you are presently paying via direct debit (autogiro) and wish to change to the e-invoice (e-faktura) method, you must first withdraw your permission to use direct debit (autogiro). You do this either by contacting your bank, or by informing Naturvetarna´s membership service.


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