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Membership of Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, provides you with support and security in the labour market. We are the trade union that is best equipped to safeguard scientists' opportunities and support them in their challenges. Therefore are our advisory services and benefits exclusive to scientists.

As a member you support our work to improve working conditions for scientists. We do this by negotiating favourable collective agreements. The more members we have, the greater legitimacy we have to impact conditions for scientists.

Some examples of what you receive as a member:

Read more about what is included in your membership here.

During your first three months as a member, you have the right to take advantage of the Membership Helpline. However, you can not take advantage of labor law negotiation during this period.

If you have changed to Naturvetarna from another trade union and have no gap between the membership (same principle as for income insurance), you are entitled to labor law negotiation immediately.

Membership fees

Your membership fee is primarily based on your income. Students pay SEK 10 per month. Professionals pay between SEK 100 and 250 per month. Read about our membership fees here.

You must have, or be studying for, an academic qualification in the scientific field in order to become a member. If you are a student, researcher or employed in Sweden and plan to stay for a longer period, you can take full advantage of your membership. For example, you must be a member of Naturvetarna and the unemployment insurance fund Akademikernas a-kassa for at least 12 months to qualify for income insurance, as well as have a working permit in Sweden.

Join Akademikernas a-kassa, the unemployment insurance fund

To be able to receive unemployment insurance in Sweden, you must join an unemployment insurance fund. Akademikernas a-kassa is Naturvetarna's unemployment insurance fund, and being a member provides you with basic security if you become unemployed. In addition, membership is a prerequisite for being able to enjoy the Naturvetarna's income insurance. Please note that membership of Akademikernas a-kassa is not included in your membership fee, this needs to be applied for separately. Read more and apply at


Membership application



Do you currently hold a management position with:

  • staff responsibility,
  • budget responsibility or
  • operational responsibility?

You can be a member of our section for managers, Naturvetarna Chef (in Swedish). That gives you access to our career service Coaching for managers.

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When you apply for membership of Naturvetarna, you confirm acceptance of the Naturvetarna Constitution. You also agree to allow Naturvetarna to process your personal data in accordance with GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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