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Scientific skills are invaluable to employers and to society in general. Therefore, we work to achieve good working conditions for you, opportunities for you to develop in your career and a salary level that reflects your competence and performance.

As a trade union, our mission is to advocate and fight for better working conditions for scientists. We do this by negotiating favourable collective agreements that complement existing labour law and provide increased job security. As a member of Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, you support this work. The more members we have, the more we can influence scientists' working conditions. Read more about the role of the trade unions in Sweden.

In order for scientists to enjoy good prospects to develop and contribute their skills in the labour market, we also work to influence decision-makers on issues important to scientists. Clarifying the importance of science and scientific competence is one of the most important tasks of Naturvetarna.

The following issues have been prioritised by Naturvetarna:

  • Improving and increasing job security for employees in the academic world.
  • Creating conditions for a better work environment in today's and tomorrow's borderless professional life.
  • Improving the utilisation of scientific competence in health and medical care.
  • Strengthening local salary processes and salary dialogues so that pay is based on competence, responsibilities and performance.
  • The labour market in Sweden is sometimes affected by decisions made outside the borders of Sweden. To be able to monitor and influence these decisions Naturvetarna participates in multiple international projects and organizations.

We offer individual advice and support

Being a member of Naturvetarna also brings you added value if, for example, you are in dispute with your employer. We offer you individual counselling and labour law-related negotiation support. We are experts in scientific competence and the relevant labour market so we can also offer advice and support for you in your career. Read more about the services and benefits we offer you as a member.

Our vision is that scientists shape the future of the world.



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