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Salary statistics

Keep an eye on the salary levels in Sweden and set goals for your next salary dialogue. As a member of Naturvetarna, you have access to Saco Lönesök, Sweden’s best salary statistics for professional scientists.

Salary statistics keep you up-to-date on salary levels for employees with your qualifications or in your segment of the job market. But above all, they can be used to see your potential salary level and the choices you can make in your career to get to where you want to go. Compare salaries in different fields, sectors and positions to give you a broad picture of possible career opportunities.  

These salary statistics are based on our annual salary survey and the current statistics apply to October 2018. You can view the statistics for members of Naturvetarna or include statistics from the other Saco trade unions. Statistics show the salary level distribution for different age groups, years of graduation, qualifications and labour market sectors.

Log in to Saco Lönesök using your mobile BankID.

Visit Saco Lönesök for members

For local union representatives, there is access to more in-depth statistics in Saco Lönesök. 

Visit Saco Lönesök for local union representatives


When checking out salary statistics...

... think about the following:

• The statistics indicate the salary range. Do not concentrate too much on the median salary - you may want to aim at the ninetieth percentile. So find out what is required in terms of responsibilities and performance to get there.

• Statistics do not form an argument in themselves. Use them to set goals for your next salary negotiation and for longer-term development. Your arguments should be based on your responsibilities, competence and performance.

• The statistics do not give solutions - they only state what other peoples’ salary was when the data was collected. Use the statistics as guidance as to the salary range you should be in.

• Examine a wide range of business areas, working tasks and positions in order to study your potential salary and career prospects.

Saco Lönesök is only available in Swedish. However, you can find a guide in English when you log in. Need help interpreting the statistics? Contact the Naturvetarna membership helpline to discuss the level of salary you should request for a specific job. Read more about personal salary advice here.

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