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Juristförsäkring - your own lawyer

With Juristförsäkringen, you have an insurance that gives you the security and benefit of having a lawyer by your side – without legal fees. A lawyer who helps out with your everyday legal issues and gives you legal support as much as you need, and close to unlimited in lawsuits. No hourly rates, no withdrawal period.

We are pleased to offer all members of Naturvetarna the opportunity to take out our new legal insurance, juristförsäkring. 

All members of the Naturvetarna are offered our new legal insurance. During the trial period of three months, it is free of charge. Then the insurance costs SEK 35 per month. For students, the legal insurance is included in the membership

If you feel that this legal services insurance is not for you, email and notify us that you do not want to continue with the insurance. If this is the case, please remember to include your name and personal registration number/membership number and state that you wish to cancel your legal services insurance.

Legal areas covered by Juristförsäkring

  • Family law
  • Home & property
  • Consumer rights & sale's law
  • Sickness benefit & compensation
  • Inheritance law
  • Marriage & partnership
  • Identity theft & online harassment

All this is included

Legal advice

A simple answer to your question or advanced legal help, use your lawyer for both.


Help with writing the private law agreements you need. Ask your lawyer, or fill out standard agreements on our customer portal (available if you have a BankID).

Legal protection

Your own lawyer in court and possible legal expenses covered up to 2 million SEK. For court proceedings your deductible is 3 000 SEK, the only time we will ever invoice you.

Easy to reach a lawyer

Contact HELP by phone or email, or via the customer portal if you have a BankID. HELP customer service will take your details and your lawyer will contact you no later than the following working day. As a customer at HELP, great importance is attached to talking so that everyone understands. If you have a mother tongue other than Swedish, help is available in eight other languages.


Your cost is restricted to an insurance premium of 35 SEK per month. Juristförsäkringen covers your household – you, your husband, wife or partner and children on the same address.
Put your lawyer to work with anything from good advice to court proceedings. Remember – you are entitled to your rights!

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