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Contract Advice

Need help to figure out the content of your employment contract? Our Contract Advice service explains what the contract means for you.

Contract Advice consists of us, together with you, examining the contract, providing advice and views on its content and what exactly this means for you. The aim of this service is for members to become aware of the rights and obligations stated in the contact.

We provide advisory services for several different types of employment contracts:

  • Employment contracts for companies who have no collective agreement.
  • Employment contracts that are complemented by a collective agreement.
  • Employment contracts where employers apply the entire or parts of a collective agreement (which is important if a dispute about the contract occurs).

We provide advice in English and on contracts written in English.

Contract Advice is not an examination of the contract; the focus is on advice. In the end the member takes the decision whether to sign or not. The contract is between the employer and the employee which means that Naturvetarna cannot enter the arena to negotiate with the employer, establish complete employment contracts or carry out a full legal examination.

If you need Contract Advice, mail your employment contract to, saying you would like us to look at the contract. A reply will be sent within three working days, depending on the scope of the contract.


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