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Preferential insurance

Akademikerförsäkring offers members of Naturvetarna insurance on very favourable terms. New members recieve free insurance selected to provide satisfactory basic coverage for the most common injuries.

Free insurance package for new members

As a new working member, you will receive four insurance policies free of charge as part of your membership for three months: life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and an endowment insurance. In order to be eligible for this insurance cover, you only need to be in employment. You do not need to provide a health certificate. 

As a new student member under the age of 45, you will receive free accident insurance and access to the support service Tusen frågor - ett nummer ("A Thousand Questions - One Number") for the entire duration of your studies. 

After the free period are over, the insurance policies are automatically cancelled unless you have actively chosen to keep them.

More information at (in Swedish). You are welcome to contact Akademikerförsäkring at 0771-111 999 for information in English. 

Additional insurance coverage

Akademikerförsäkring offers many types of beneficial personal and property insurance, for example life insurance, accident and health insurance, as well as property insurance for the home, holiday cottage and car.

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