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Interview training

Practice before a real job interview. With Interview training you get to know the most common questions you can be asked and tips on how to improve your answers.

The interview training gives you the opportunity to practice for a job interview. You decide if it is an "unconditional" interview with a recruitment company or if you want to train for a sharp interview. You will learn about:

  • What type of questions are usually asked?
  • What are skills-based interview questions?
  • What is a good answer?
  • How do I get an interview?
  • How can I prepare and deal with tougher interview questions?

You will be interviewed over the phone, followed by feedback on how well you have managed to package and present your skills. At the same time, you get valuable information about areas you may need to develop.

Booking the service involves a one-hour conversation with an career advisor from our partner Verto Konsult AB. Student members are entitled to a half-hour conversation.

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