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Welcome to Naturvetarna!

What fun that you chose Naturvetarna as your union. You can now take part in benefits, advice and events for you who are a scientist. We work to ensure that you are confident, developed and prepared for your future career.

Take advantage of your membership benefits:

  • Career counseling before the first job: CV coaching, interview training, review of LinkedIn profile or career interviews.
  • Support in matters of employment conditions and labor law when you work extra or summer jobs.
  • Salary statistics and salary advice for scientists
  • Lectures on Personal Sustainability and Mental Illness
  • Events and activities at universities around Sweden
  • Call support on the phone with access to a psychologist, lawyer and economist.

Read more at Membership benefits.


Free legal insurance

You get the legal insurance from HELP, which gives you legal support in your private life free of charge throughout your studies. If you then want to continue when you have finished studying, it costs SEK 35 / month. You will find terms, pre- and post-purchase information and reservation forms at www.naturvetarna.se/help.


Free accident insurance

As a new student member, you who are under 45 years of age receive free accident insurance throughout your studies. Akademikerförsäkring also offers a favorable student home insurance for only SEK 45 / month. Read more here.


Join Akademikernas a-kassa as well

If you join the unemployment insurance fund already during your studies, you can receive compensation when you apply for a job in Sweden after your degree. The unemployment insurance fund is not included in your membership in Naturvetarna. Apply at Akademikernas a-kassa. 

For personal service, you are always welcome to contact us.



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