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Congratulations to the winners

Here are the three prize winners that the jury has chosen in fierce competition. The ideas are completely in line with the UN's sustainability goals and aim to save and purify water, as well as to reduce food waste.

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September 30 was the last day to submit competition entries for sustainable solutions, for the benefit of people, the environment and the climate.

The three best competition entries win a prize sum:

  1. First prize is SEK 15,000
  2. Second prize is SEK 10,000
  3. The third prize is SEK 5,000

The winner also receives 10 hours of individual business support from Naturvetarna's partner Verto.

First prize

KTH student Niklas Wallhed wins first prize in the Naturvetarnas idea competition Thinktank 2030. With digital control of the best before date, food waste in stores can be reduced. The price of the product decreases as the expiration date approaches. Read the interview with Niklas.

Second prize

Entrepreneur Jonatan Persson takes home second place in the Naturvetarnas idea competition Thinktank 2030. With the help of waste heat from industry, seawater can be desalinated. As much as 20 percent of all fresh water is used in industry today. A pilot plant already exists today, now an upscaling is underway. Read the interview with Jonathan

Third prize

Music student Julia Derving wins third prize in the Naturvetarnas idea competition Thinktank 2030. With a water counter mounted on the tap, you are immediately informed about the water consumption. An incentive to save water, in line with the UN's sustainability goals. Read the interview with julia.


The jury


General terms of ThinkTank 2030

Naturvetarna has the right to change the conditions and, if necessary, cancel the competition.

Competition entries may not, in any way, contain political, religious, discriminating or offensive elements.

The prize money will, be paid during 2020 to the person or persons who represent the three winning competition entries. If there are several participants in a winning entry, the amount will be divided equally between the number of winning participants for each contribution.

If tax applies, it is paid by the winner. The prize cannot be transferred to any other than the winner or winners.

For 2020, there is no income limit from CSN. This means that the prize money does not affect any loans or grants from CSN. Further details can be found at

Naturvetarna does not take any responsibility for competition entries that have not been sent or published within the competition period, or that have been lost, damaged or not received in a format readable by Naturvetarna. Naturvetarna does not take any responsibility for any technical problems when submitting a competition entry in PDF format.

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If your video contains people other than yourself, you must have their consent, preferably written. By entering this competition, you disclaim all future claims for compensation from Naturvetarna.

By sending or publishing your contribution, you certify that it is yours in the capacity of a person and not a company, produced by yourself or in a group with other persons.

You as a competition participant own your presented idea.
Naturvetarna has the right to freely use competition entries in Naturvetarna's channels to market both entries and its owners.

Competition entries may not be an established product or service on the market.

Personal data management

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Anyone who can be identified within this competition has, free of charge, the right to request access to his or her personal data and correct information already submitted. If personal data is handled in any way that is not accurate according to the Personal Data Act, the person concerned has the right to have his or her data deleted from our registers.