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Here you can read articles in English. In each issue of the member magazine Naturvetaren we also have a two-page spread with news in English.

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Kvinna ser ut över sjö och berg

The report of the labour market for natural scientists 2021

Scientific competence is strong in the labor market according to a new labor market report from The Swedish Association of Professional Scientists, Naturvetarna. Natural scientists have key competence in the transition towards a more sustainable society.

Congratulations to the winners

Here are the three prize winners that the jury has chosen in fierce competition. The ideas are completely in line with the UN's sustainability goals and aim to save and purify water, as well as to reduce food waste.

Antibodies are built in three stages

That only 7.4 percent of Stockholmers had antibodies to covid-19 at the end of April surprised the researchers negatively. But it does not have to be as bad as it seems.

Still quite good labour market

Unemployment among Naturvetarnas members has been marginally affected so far.

Good to know about Swedish holidays

According to the Annual Leave Act, you are entitled to 25 full days of holiday every year regardless of your age or type of employment.

The Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access, or Allemansrätten in Swedish, is something that is unique for Sweden and something we must cherish.

Coronavirus and covid-19 english version

At Naturvetarna, we are closely monitoring information about covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Below you will find some questions and answers on the subject.

The 2021-2024 Swedish Research Bill

In order for Sweden to maintain its position as one of the world's leading countries for research and innovation, we need a research climate that gives employees and employers long-term incentives, stability, predictability and good conditions. This would lead to a more positive development of Swedish society, improved welfare and greater competitiveness for our corporate sector.

How to think about legal regulations?

I will be moving to Sweden with my girlfriend. We live in Germany and are German citizens and will both be working as researchers in Gothenburg for two years, maybe longer. When it comes to legal regulations, what should we think about?